Pakistan is a country wealthy in regular magnificence, picturesque perspectives, mountains, streams, amazing sweets, and a lot of characteristic assets. Pakistan has delightful spots to visit, explicitly with regards to Dams in Pakistan. Being an agrarian country Pakistan needs a huge asset of water.

Do you know what number dams in Pakistan?

There are 150 complete dams in Pakistan. These Dams are a wellspring of giving water and power and delightful and appealing cookout spots for the nearby people groups. The principle motivation behind dam development is to control floods, stockpiling of water, age of hydro power, and advantage the nearby people groups. These dams are generally based on streams and waterways. The greater part of the Dams in Pakistan is situated in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The greater part of the Dams was worked among 1960 to 1975. Due to the quick development of dams in Pakistan, we additionally hold the title of the biggest earth-filled dam on the planet named Tarbela Dam. In this article, we will give you the fundamental general information about dams in Pakistan. Beneath we have referenced a rundown of Famous dams in Pakistan.


Tarbela Dam development was begun in 1968 and the undertaking was finished in 1976. Tarbela Dam is one of the biggest Dam in Pakistan. It likewise holds the title of the earth-filled biggest dam in the World. This stunning dam is built on the Indus stream with 143.26 meters in stature and 2,743.2 meters long. The capacity limit of the dam is about 13.69 cubic km. The significant reason for building this dam was hydro power age and water system. Tarbela Dam has a limit of 4888 Megawatts, for power age. This is the principal dam in Pakistan that produces practically 70% of hydroelectric force. Tarbela Dam is one of the greatest hydroelectric dams in Pakistan. Tarbela Dam is only a 2-hour drive from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. Tarbela Dam is quite possibly the most mainstream Dam on Pakistan map that is viewed as the best outing spot for local people. It likewise takes a section in swimming, drifting exercises, and fishing.


Mangla Dam is the second biggest dam in Pakistan. It is situated in the Mirpur District of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The development of Mangla Dam was begun in 1961 and finished in 1967. It isn’t only an asset of the power age. It additionally assumes a monstrous part in the peace accord among Pakistan and India, known as the Indus Waters Basement Treaty. The Dam is based on the Jhelum River with a statue of 147 meters and a length of 3140 meters. It has water stockpiling limit of 7.39 million sections of land feet (M.A.F). This Dam was developed for water stockpiling later on it was changed for the age of hydropower power. It has a limit of 1,150 megawatts, for power age. Mangla Dam turned into a production of Mangla Lake which had a 2-hour constant drive from Islamabad and a 4-hour drive from Lahore. Mangla Dam is perhaps the most visited excursion objection for local people. It additionally partakes in various exercises like swimming, fishing, drifting, boating, and flies skiing. Mangla Dam is recorded in the middle of one of the greatest hydroelectric dams in Pakistan.


Rawal Dam was built in 1962 and situated in Village Malpur, Margalla Hills National Park. Rawal Dam gets the water from the Korang River. It has a stature of 40.7 m (133.5 ft.) with a water stockpiling limit of 47,508 section of land ft. Rawal Dam brought about the production of Rawal Lake. Rawal Lake is perhaps the most renowned excursion places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Rawal Dam supplies the water to twin urban areas of Pakistan known as Rawalpindi and Islamabad. That is the reason Rawal Lake gives a staggering look alongside Margalla Hills. The most noteworthy mark of the lake gives a picturesque perspective on Rawal Dam, Margalla Hills, and twin urban communities. Rawal Dam is probably the best dam on the Pakistan guide to visit.


Mirani Dam is situated in the Dasht River at the south of Central Makran Range in Baluchistan. Mirani Dam began to start in 2002 and was finished in July 2006. The Dam was charged to give water to Gawadar and Turbat City. It is 127 ft. in stature and 3,080 ft long. It has the limit with respect to 302,000 sections of land feet of water stockpiling. Mirani Dam is one of the biggest dams in Baluchistan. Do you know what number of dams in Baluchistan? There are right around 29 Dams in Baluchistan yet Mirani Dam is quite possibly the most well-known dams in Baluchistan. The dam stores the water office in floods or the late spring season. The absolute expense of Mirani Dam was 5,267.90 million. It is viewed as probably the biggest dam in Pakistan regarding floodwater stockpiling.


Diamer Bhasha Dam is one of the new dams in Pakistan. It is situated in Gilgit Baltistan. The Dam is in the beginning phases of development. It is said the development of the Diamer Bhasha Dam can be finished in 2028. It is based on the waterway Indus in the middle of KP and Diamer locale in Gilgit Baltistan. After consummation of the Diamer Bhasha Dam, it will end up being the world’s biggest Roller-compacted solid Dam. The name ‘Bhasha’ is taken from an area Bhasha at Diamer region in Gilgit. It has a tallness of 272 m (892 ft.) with a capacity limit of 8,107,132 sections of land ft. The complete expense of the dam assessed toward the beginning was $12 billion yet later on, the specialists say it can go from $18 billion to $20 billion. The Dam will actually want to create hydroelectricity of 4500 MW with the assistance of its 12 turbines. The venture of Diamer Bhasha Dam was introduced by the previous leader of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf. The development of this dam halted commonly previously, the purpose for was the absence of assets. After the fruition of the Diamer Bhasha Dam, it will carry an immense monetary improvement to Pakistan.

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