Rozela Heights Lake View

Eiffel Group of Companies are the recently know gathering of organizations in Pakistan. They are giving the best and dependable administrations to individuals for advanced promoting and land fields.

Eiffel Group of Companies is introducing Rozela Heights, a new fascinating world of mesmerising nature to the town. It is a ground plus 14 story building with some basic amenities and many more 5 star facilities of luxury and quality.

It is Pakistan’s first ever Aviary themed mall where all the winged creatures will be caged from all over the world. This is an ideal and investable land where is the magnificence of nature is likewise present.

Rozela Heights Lake View

It is a bit different from other projects because Rozela Heights has the main Pakistan’s first ever aviary-themed working in the town witch magnificent bright delights of nature with living beauties.

There are so many creatures but they are like flying in the sky and making the nature more beautiful.
They give a lesson of making yourself confident.

This is another, extraordinary, and near nature subject wherein you can see the delightful shaded winged creatures (parrots) living and sounding delicate and sugar and making the climate wonderful.

This task will begin at Bahria Phase 8 in the coming months and will be finished in 4 year

What is the aviary?

An enormous pen, building, or encase of keeping winged creatures in.
An aviary is an enormous walled in area for limiting feathered creatures. In contrast to birdcages, aviaries permit winged animals a bigger living space where they can fly; consequently, aviaries are likewise once in a while known as flight confines.
Aviaries frequently contain plants and growth to reproduce an indigenous habitat. A wide region where feathered creatures can live openly with different winged animals.

superlative amenities aviary

What fowls can live respectively?

Little fowls can undoubtedly live in an aviary.
Some of them are spread, normal and silver quail; canaries; cockatiels and jewels, South African and white birds.
However, here we are presenting the aeronautics loaded with parrots.

The fourth floor will have Pakistan’s first aviarium themed shopping center which will give you a stunning vibe near nature with full-time dependence.

It will so mesmerizing and pleasant environment where you can sit, walk or picture the nature that He has created such amazing and shiny creatures.
The booking in Rozela Heights is continuing and you can get your bookings done on cash payment and also the installments.

Rozela Heights indoor Bird Aviary
Rozela Heights Bird Aviary

Early Modern Origins

An aviary is a large case or a house for birds, where they can live and fly accordingly. The first aviary was possibly found in 1500s at Aztec city by a couple of English citizens when they arrived in 1521.
Also the Raven Cage which was created in 1829, it has been regarded as the oldest one in the London Zoo.

20th Century till Now

In 1902, a flying cage was confined at National Zoological Park. Another was built in 1964.
The home for the Worlds Fair Cage was in 1904. It was the second only structure of free-flight cages of aviaries. It was the largest bird cage ever built. In 1937 another aviary was built for san Diego’s zoo.

Eiffel group of companies will keep the care and health-conscious steps towards the aviary birds.
We will not make any complaints to health care organizations.

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