ROzela Heights

Introducing Rozela Heights, the stunning new addition to the Bahria Town Phase 8. A perfect blend of breathtaking architecture designed, with awe-inspiring interiors envisioned

Sleek and sophisticated, Rozela Heights offers qualities always coveted, but rarely obtained in the finest Bahria Town rental residences because it is a unique blend of generously proportioned interiors and the enjoyment of Luxurious High-Rise of Ground +14 of indoor and outdoor amenities which are creatively conceived to enhance your exceptional lifestyle.


Rozela Heights is the show-stopper venture at Rawalpindi Bahria Town Phase 8.
It is situated at the commercial area with Lake View at the rear of it which gives an exceptionally delicate and loosening up feel to the spirit. This makes the climate more excellent and lovely.
The best and dependable spot for having a brimming. Rozela Heights has extravagance and solace place where you get a handle on yourself of stresses and distresses.
Rozela Heights Lake View


This is a spectacular addition to a life full of luxury. There you’ll get all the facilities under the same roof.
Rozela’s building has 14 floors including a ground floor.
Rozela Heights Building

1st, 2nd & 3rd floor

1st and the 2nd floor are agreed to the marked shops because it will be completely prepared with all the help where the top hold administrations will be provided for the individuals.

The 3rd floor has been affirmed for the food court that will contain the best and delightful nourishments. A mouth-watering taste which will make you upbeat and foodie too.

4th to 6th floor

Floor No:4th, the best and most intriguing aspect of the structure with wonderful and non-squint bright group of feathered creatures. Here will be an aviary that will be the most astonishing spot where you’ll feel new and rouse.

Now it goes to the 5th floor which will give the expert an official climate where can work till the stars please sky and moon comes to try to please your future. So this way you can provide the market technique plans.

The 6th floor is giving the best and extravagant solace to you in two bedroom’s luxurious apartment.  Solace and unwinding are available at an entirely reasonable and best cost with full outfitting and acceptable administrations. Completely engaged washrooms with high caliber of inside and quality.

Entire furniture is having the best of best quality with polish in presence in the room.


7th to 14th floor

Than here comes the floor # 7th to 11th , where the entire organizations are in the lavish style with one-bed room loft. It will to give an awe inspiring and astonishing remain to you so can get an unwind and solace level because you should stay at your available time.

Building’s inside is completely fine and beautification is totally stunning with first rate execution. These 5 stories are containing a similar class of organization in offer to give the best and high caliber of solace.

12th, 13th, and 14th floors,  the lavish hotel suites that are not least but rather the gigantic measure of extravagances. Floors are accessible on these floors with completely outfitted and encouraged with first class administrations of product. It has the best mix of magnificence and harmony so you can get a loosening up at there with the rapture of nature.


6.24 Kanal

A wide reach zone of 6.24 Kanal has been organized under the development of this undertaking because it is astounding and superb region with multipurpose designs to give you a vibe free touches in it.

This is exceptionally wide and partnered structure in which all the business, private and corporate advantages will be masterminded. Individuals will have a brimming with an encouraged and rich way of life with solace and style of present day plan.

First Aviary Themed Mall

Everybody adores nature and its obstructions definitely. You have seen many themed but now we are presenting the first-since forever aviary topic in the town. Beautiful lives will be flying on their own home floor. Indeed, Rozela Heights have a wide area on the fourth floor reserved for aviary. There, we will make you see the winged bird’s family with shades of nature. 

It will be giving a lovely and non-flickering look to the excellence structure by expanding its magnificence with flying wonders.

superlative amenities aviary

Commercial, Residential and Corporate Building

It is a business in addition to a private incorporated skyscraper venture and multipurpose hindrances. Here are the workplaces completely outfitted and will have the top nature of interior. In this way, you can work there productively and appropriately play out the everyday do’s of your expert life. Also afford to go to proficient gatherings in a reasonable climate and give your business another pathway to progress.

Apart from that, we are also offering the private condos of one and two-room with all the sumptuous because you may require or want for with exceptional help.  It is having the quality and comfort in these spaces for giving the souk relieving feel to the life and psyche. There you can get an environment of unwinding. These rooms are completely outfitted with the top nature of inside and products. The vibe of these rooms will give you an eye-getting subject of fantasies and you feel like a lord or sovereign of some realm.
Rozela Heights Building
Rozela Heights Parking entrance

Mixture Of Quality

Presently, it goes to the business side of the structure where we will furnish business secure qualities and the private plus corporate administrations. 

It has the verity of many marked shops where you prepare yourself and wear the explosion of excellence. Shopping centers to get all that you require and a food court with a taste that shakes you by heavenly nourishments. Last but not the least beauty center in which you can get your make fit and solid by doing the activity and exercise to stay fit. 

More than this, there will be an infinity pool with all the solace and so hit the waves like in sea for sound propensity. In addition to this, here will be spa and salon for expanding and cleaning your excellence by the specialists of magnificence. So get the beauty tips for more shine and newness for yourself.

One and Two Bedroom Luxury Apartments + Luxury Hotel Suites

The sixth floor is giving the quality and extravagance of one and two-room condos which are outfitted with first-class furniture and interior.

Here’s Interior is having the style of the cutting edge periods like now daily’s necessity and enthusiasm of individuals.

We are giving full extravagance and solace in our one and two-room condos. The rear of them Rozela Heights is giving the perspective on the lake and the magnificence of moving wellsprings in it. It will cause you to the entrance with its excellence like you are living in paradise.
There are additionally the Hotel suites with full extravagance and marvelous insides which will make you love the sight and inside. The perspective on the lake gives it another moon and the excellence to the structure and furthermore the condo. 

Rozela Heights Luxury Furnished Apartment in rawalpindi islamabad

Commercial Branded Shops

There is another facility of branded shops at 1st and 2nd floor and there you’ll get yourself the best of best brands deals at your residence with quality and time saving products.
These shops will contain clothing and shoe brands, jewelry and accessories shops, kids and cosmetics shops etc.
All will be top leading brands and you’ll get the heart touching products at reasonable prices.
Shops will be fully furnished along the best goods.
The charges are as per sq ft division.
Click the link below and get the detailed updates.
Rozela Height’s A New Fascinating World of Mesmerising Nature.

Rozela Commercial branded shops
Rozela Heights Furnished Corporate Office

Furnished Corporate Offices

Rozela Heights is allowing the chance to the individuals and ones needs to have a full extravagant office with completely outfitted framework. A place where you can go to the gatherings, manage customers and play out your devoted obligations will all friendship and concordance.

These workplaces are completely outfitted with top nature of merchandise and inside with the best administrations of adornments and arrangement.

A full bundle of style and solace together.

Infinity Pool With Jacuzzi (Adults, Kids)

Truly, another cool and astounding aspect of this task is the vastness pool which gives a sound way of life with the fun of living and unwinding. 

This pool is situated on the front side of the structure and on the fourth-floor potential gain of the fundamental passage. It has an fool prove glass of top quality to give the best and open to swing of waves. 

Building has a more purpose of Jacuzzi (hot tub) for children and grown-ups moreover. 

It gives you the most shocking feel of unwinding and same time cleaning up with warm and cool water. 

You can keep your children with you in the pool in light of the fact that there is another Jacuzzi for kids and kids as well.

superlative amenities Infinity Pool
Rozela Heights Balconies Garden

Balcony Gardens

Nature enlivened topic is likewise giving another alternative of smaller and normal gallery garden where you can set your top pick and beautiful blossoms. 

This will expand the excellence of loft and will give a spirit mitigating feel to self. 

Here are little gardens at the external gallery of the living regiments.

Sights of Lake View and DHA Villas

The Rozela Heights is situated at a wonderful sight where you can have a perspective on a lake and moving wellsprings which will make you amazing.

Another point, the delightful perspective on the DHA Villa’s slopes. It will give a twofold and characteristic view loaded with magnificence.

Rozela Heights Lake View


There is a fabulous and amazing reception at the passageway of the shopping center where you will be invited with a terrific expectation and grin. 

A region for holding up will be included here with agreeable and dependable sittings for the individuals who will come and should hang tight under any circumstances. 

It will control you about any questions and insights regarding the structure and headings. 

There will be stairs to go all over the structure and furthermore the office of the lift will be accessible for individuals to move quicker and simpler.

Rozela Heights Reception
superlative amenities parking

Dedicated Parking

As the structure is a skyscraper thus numerous offices are here attached habitation, workplaces, and shops to get the advantage of them. SO the measure of visiting individuals will build step by step. And there is the best and wide committed parking zone for the vehicles.

There you can leave your vehicles without any pressure and have a safe and strain free shopping/habitation or get your conferences with zero issues of leaving the vehicles and visit the business.

Smart Card Access

Another staggering ease part is that the shrewd card access is here to give you the simple and safe admittance to your loft/shop/office to feel stressed over overlooking the keys or losing keys at any spot.
Presently the savvy card will give you the benefit of not agonizing over the keys.
After this, you can swipe your savvy card in the lift so it will take you to your objective with no issue and interference you will securely arrive at your objective.

Rozela Heights Reception


superlative amenities gymnasium


The gym center is here for giving you the best and fit wellbeing by doing exercise under a similar rooftop exercise center which will be encouraged will full bundle of most recent embellishments and the best educator who will control you how to keep up your wellbeing.

Rozela Heights showrooms


A wide scope of regions where the office will be accessible for making the showrooms for any item or organization with a wide scope of their item to give the administration everywhere on the town and make it simple for individuals to collaborate in.

Rozela Heights Boutique


The brands of the nation will be accessible here to give you prepared to wear garments and furthermore the unstitched suits for women, gentlemen, and furthermore the children to look you all the greater and appealing in the circle.

Here you will find simple and casual dresses for daily wearing at home.

It will give you an astonishing and fantastic dress for gatherings, celebrations and any of the events.
The realized brands will be there for you.

Rozela Heights food court

Food Court

Everybody likes heavenly and scrumptious food to eat any place it is accessible. 

Individuals go to various and faraway spots for having the best and great nature of food however now you won’t have to go to better places for various types of nourishments. Rozela Heights is giving the best flavorful and delicious food brands under a similar rooftop. 

Different brands of the country and overseas will be there for you.

Presently appreciate across the board


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